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Network Management

Velocedge worked with most of its customers to select the personal computers to support their IDL systems.

Remote Diagnostics

Velocedge has developed software to remotely diagnose and modify personal computers at remote sites.  It can selectively monitor and modify information on each PC to keep it running as well as possible.  The remote diagnostics work with any communication connection to the internet.

Automated Maintenance

Every night the CADE enabled personal computers check in to a central control system to check for new software, help files, or any other modification that should be made.  If new changes exist, they are downloaded to the PC and installed without requiring any human intervention.

Additionally, when the CADE application itself starts, one of the first things it does after making contact with the studio control system is to check its version.  If its not the latest version of software a new application is automatically downloaded and installed. 

PC Component Inventory

Velocedge maintains an inventory of frequently replaced computer components that it can ship to remote sites at a moment's notice.  With its remote diagnostic capability, it often times can ship a replacement part before anyone at the remote site knows there is a failure.

Full PC Replacement

For catastrophic failures, a replacement PC is shipped the same day as the failure so the impact on the remote site is reduced as much as possible.  Remote personnel simply take the PC out of the box, replace the cables old for new, and ship the damaged PC back for repair.


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