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Communication And Distance Education CADE

The interactive Communication And Distance Education (CADE) system operates in a live satellite, teleconferencing, or streaming video broadcast environment.  CADE facilitates one-way video, two-way audio and data communication.  It can be used for such diverse interactive applications as:

  • Distance Learning & Training
  • Corporate Communication
  • New product/process introduction 
  • Internal marketing surveys with immediate results 
  • Meetings that don’t require expensive and time-consuming travel 
  • Improving the “touch” with remote locations 
  • Vendor sponsored presentations 
  • Inviting customers to local sites for special presentations 
  • Extracting hidden "knowledge assets" and 
  • Facilitating knowledge transfer

CADE provides live data, text, web, and audio interaction between the Instructor and or Presenter and the remote participants located throughout the country or the world.  

  • Audio - Participant's can speak over an internet connection 
  • Data - Collect answers to multiple-choice, true/false, yes/no, numeric questions
  • Recorded Audio - Record audio questions for topic experts
  • Text - Live chat between Presenter and a site or groups of sites
  • Video - View streaming video in lieu of satellite broadcast
  • Web Pages - Synchronized delivery of web pages to learners

The CADE system also supports off-Line applications.  Not everything happens during a live broadcast so the CADE Learning Management Web allow participants to further interact with the Presenter/Instructor through the CADE web site:

  • Take tests and exams, including essay type questions
  • Review the results of their tests, exams, and current requirements
  • Listen to answers to recorded questions from topic experts 
  • Send and receive messages like e-mail
  • Chat with Instructor/Presenter's or other program participants
  • Participate in course or special topic discussion groups

The Communication And Distance Education (CADE) system is composed of four primary components:

  1. CADE Virtual Classroom
    PC based software that controls communication and live interaction between the remote sites and the broadcast studio over any Internet connection

  2. CADE Studio Control
    PC software that provides the Instructor/Presenter with participant information and control over the interactive broadcast session.  It also controls database access and communication to the remote sites.  The CADE Audio Control redirects the participant's digitized voice from the internet and re-broadcasts the conversation.

  3. CADE Learning Management Web
    Web based applications that provide the ability to access or create information the CADE database on participants, programs, courses, schedules, sites, results, reports, and any other information captured or used by the system.

  4. CADE System Support
    Velocedge provides on-going software updates automatically for all software and toll-free access to help for any aspect of the interactive broadcast.  A Location Control system provides easy re-location or re-configuring of the CADE applications transparently to the remote sites.  And the CADE Help Desk Communicator makes it easier than ever to get your questions answered.

The CADE system was originally developed at the Canadian Automotive Repair & Service Council and subsequently installed in the Good Samaritan Society's network to provide nurse's training, college degree completion, and continuing education credits (CEU).  It has been tested with over 3,000 simultaneous participants.  CADE was designed to support multiple languages.  Currently English and French versions are available, but adapting other languages is as simple as translating a text file of all terms and labels used in the software.

CADE Virtual Classroom

The CADE Virtual Classroom provides the ability for people at remote locations to participate in interactive courses or presentations.  An interactive session may be delivered to a few people sitting at a standard multi-media PC, to a few thousand people in a classroom setting using wireless remote control devices, or a mix of both. Interaction can take many forms:

  • Respond to yes/no, true/false, multiple choice type questions 
  • Speak with the presenter via the Internet
  • Listen to remote participants
  • Respond to questions anonymously
  • Record audio questions for topic experts
  • Chat with the presenter or groups of other remote Virtual Classrooms

Wireless interactive student response device or remote controlOne or more participants at a remote site may view the course on a TV set or streaming video player and respond to the various questions, tests, and exams through the computer or with their own individual wireless remote control device.  Participants in the CADE Virtual Classroom have a choice of how they interact with the presenter with any combination of hardware options:

  1. PC alone, using the mouse and keyboard
  2. Wireless Remote Control Unit (like TV remote)
  3. Personal Data Assistants (PDA) or Handheld PCs 

The Virtual Classroom software is available in multiple languages and its text-to-speech engine can be matched to provide audio feedback in the chosen language.

Satellite, Teleconferencing, or Streaming Video

Video from the interactive Presenter/Instructor can be delivered to the classroom via Satellite, Teleconferencing, Streaming Video or any combination at the same time.  An example of a CADE streaming video session is displayed here.  The software automatically readjusts the display when it recognizes the site's preferences indicate digital video.  

Studio Control System

The CADE Studio Control System is a software solution that gives interactive distance learning and communication instructors and presenters control over remote CADE Virtual Classroom participants in an interactive video broadcast.  It provides the instructor or presenter with the ability to:

  • Issue questions and potential answers to remote locations
  • Collect participant responses in a SQL Server or Access database
  • Call on remote participants
  • Answer audio calls from remote participants
  • Tally responses to ad-hoc questions with anonymous response
  • Chat with the entire group or selected Virtual Classrooms
  • Push web pages to learners
  • Initiate off-line Tests or Exams


Remote Interactive Presentations!

While most interactive presentations are broadcast from the same location in a studio, the CADE Studio Control software can be relocated anywhere there is a connection to the Internet.  Using remote Studio Control, the presenter has the same capabilities as they would in the studio.  Multiple "studios" can be established to originate interactive programming from many different locations.  



"Interactive Recorded Broadcasts"

For taped broadcasts the CADE scheduling system can automatically start the Studio Control system on any appropriate computer and load the scheduled course and lesson.  Since Instructor/Presenter actions can be automatically captured during an original broadcast, they can be replayed during the taped session so even with a taped broadcast, the Studio Control system will:

  • Record Participant and Site Attendance
  • Record Participant's Answers to Broadcast Questions
  • Accept Recorded Audio Questions from Participants
  • Send text messages to instructor

CADE Learning Management Web

All information in the CADE system is stored in a web accessible database and can be made available to authorized users through a standard web browser.  The CADE Learning Management Web is a full functioned, web-based Learning Management System:

  • Course development and maintenance
  • Student entry, maintenance, registration, and reporting
  • Student progress tracking and reporting
  • Support for both live and web-based training programs
  • Run-time environment for SCORM compliant web based courses
  • Tracks student progress in outside institutions (colleges, universities, workshops)

The CADE Learning Management Web provides functions to access, enter, or maintain information in the database through the Internet with a standard web browser for the following categories of user:  

CADE Users Learning Management Web Functions
  • Students
  • Course Schedules, Descriptions
  • Messaging, Discussion Groups, Chat
  • Recording/Playing Audio from Topic Experts
  • Registration, On-Line Courses & Exams
  • Student Exam Results
  • Web Based Courses
  • Site Coordinators
  • Course or Participant Materials
  • Site and Student Maintenance
  • Student Results
  • Print Certificates of Achievement
  • Reset Exam Scores
  • Instructors & 
    Course Developers
  • Course, Lesson, Exam Development
  • Create Course Schedules
  • Catalog Maintenance
  • Record Audio Answers
  • Check Essay Questions
  • Participation Reports
  • Administrators 
  • Student Search
  • Enter Comments and Progress Notes
  • Change Student's Site
  • Discussion Group Maintenance
  • Group Mailing
  • Public Course Administration
  • Supervisors
  • Approve Course Registration
  • Program of Study
  • Send Messages to Reports
  • Employee Assignment
  • Learning Management
  • Order List
  • Identify & Apply Privileges
  • Move Courses and Lessons
  • Send Broadcast Messages
  • Reset Passwords

Web Based Courses

While the CADE system focuses on live, interactive video delivery of its courses or presentations, it acknowledges the value of web-based programs as well as classroom, teleconferencing, CBT, or other forms of training and believes all have a place in the corporate environment.  However, Velocedge believes that live delivery provides many more benefits to business than any other deliver type.  For more information, see the section on "Interactive Distance Learning Advantages." 

The CADE Learning Management Web functions support access to web based training courses and will allow the results of those courses to be stored in the same database as the broadcast courses.  Students can retrieve their results regardless of how which type of course they took from one location.


Each of the CADE products have been designed to run redundantly and are able to be placed on the computer that works best for the unique characteristics of a specific interactive broadcast environment.  CADE applications run:

  • Stand-Alone or Multiple Computers
  • In Any Combination
  • Over Any Internet Connection

Integration with Other Systems

The CADE Learning Management Web may be used as a stand-alone Learning Management System (LMS) or interfaced to another 3rd party product.  Velocedge will work with its customers to interface the CADE data to other internal systems.  This may be done in either of two ways:

  1. Make the CADE database structure available for exporting data
  2. Work with companies to develop custom import/export functions

CADE System Support

The system is not complete unless there is someone there to support it.  The CADE products come with a toll-free support Help Desk and continual software upgrades.  The Help Desk will provide support for virtually any aspect of the CADE system, including:

  • Virtual Classroom Software
  • Personal Computer Hardware and Software
  • Installation and Configuration of Hardware and Software
  • Remote PC Diagnostics
  • Satellite, TV, and Video Recording Equipment for the IDL Broadcast

Automated Upgrades!   New versions are automatically and transparently downloaded any time a new version of the CADE software is available.  Users don't have to concern themselves with making sure they have the latest version... they always will!  New features come around all the time and this allows everyone to take advantage of them.

CADE Help Desk Communicator

The CADE Help Desk Communicator gives you three ways to communicate with the Help Desk to answer your questions: (1) Talk, (2) Chat, and (3) Record.  It provides the following features:

  • Communicate quickly and easily with the Help Desk
  • Access the Help Desk when a phone is not close-by
  • Provide instant answers to questions
    • Using the microphone and speakers
    • Typing on the computer keyboard
  • Record a question, find an answer later in your message box
  • Test the audio connection of your PC

A Software Manufacturer

Velocedge views itself as a software manufacturer.  A manufacturer with zero cost for raw materials, zero cost for warehousing, distribution and asks, "how much less could a car cost if it were manufactured under those conditions?"

CADE is a product of a new generation in distance learning systems.  CADE combines the most advanced distance learning software and technologies: digital audio, voice over IP, streaming audio and video, text-to-speech, and wireless communication with a business proposition much better suited to today's economic environment.

"Software Products at Software Prices"

Velocedge's roots have always been in software. Its founder, Steve Ricketts, has developed advanced software systems since 1970.  His grandfather became very  successful during the great depression by building a chain of auto salvages based on the motto "Salvage Parts at Salvage Prices" and establishing an honest value for the products he sold.  That same philosophy runs throughout Velocedge today. 

Authorized Access Information

If you have an authorized logon and password, you may click on the "CADE Logon" button at the top left of this page and access more detailed information on the CADE Software/Hardware products, Operational Help, and Software Downloads.


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