Steve Ricketts' Starduster II - N45GG
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N45GG - Aircraft Specifics

bulletBuilt in 1993 by Bill Kolb in Vermont
bullet180 HP O-360 Lycoming  (OH 1/05)
bulletMcCauley Constant Speed Prop (OH 6/05)
bulletInverted Fuel and P5C Pressure Carburetor (OH 1/00)
bulletChristen Inverted Oil System
bulletRemovable Pilot's Canopy
bulletCustom seats front and rear
bulletCleveland brakes (new pads and rebuilt master cylinder)
bulletScott steerable tailwheel
bulletTerra TX-760D Com 
bulletTerra TRT-250D Mode C Transponder and AT-3000 Encoder
bulletPS Engineering PM501 PTT Intercom with music input (CD & MP3 Player)
bulletYaesu VXA-100 handheld Nav/Com
bulletACK Emergency Location Transmitter w/remote
bulletAllied Signal/Skyforce SkyMap II Moving Map GPS
bulletCustom Made 5-Point Ratchet Acrobatic Harnesses by Allen Silver
bulletSecurity 250 Chair and Strong 311 Wedge Parachutes
bullet2 Millennia headsets, boom mic
bullet1 Pilot headset, throat mic
bullet1 Leather and 1 Coth helmets
bulletAnd very, very Green... 

Critical Modifications

Stardusters have two critical areas that should have been modified from original plans, the engine mount length and the landing gear location.  Both have been modified on 45GG.  

bullet24" medium length engine mount (12" original)
bulletLanding gear moved to 8" from firewall (1 1/2" original)
bulletSteel rods welded inside the landing gear tubing
bulletCross member welded across landing gear struts


Stardusters on skis!

Steve Ricketts

I'm Steve Ricketts, the President of Velocedge, Inc. and developer of this and other aircraft and non-related web sites.  I developed this site just to have a place to keep some pictures and tell some stories about the airplane.  I'm the owner of N45GG.  I purchased the airplane having never flown in a biplane and with only 5 hours of tailwheel time.  Since August of 1999 I've learned to tame the little rascal and we've had a ball ever since!  I don't think flying will ever be the same without the open sky above!  This site will continue to grow as new experience, new projects, or new thoughts come along.

In addition to the Starduster, I've got an interesting 1942 Harley-Davidson WLA project that my son and I built... Some interesting times there too.


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